Limitless Apex XT hook


Apex XT fishing hook

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The Limitless Apex XT hook has been designed with a variety of saltwater species and baits in mind, just about anything else sits well on this all-round razor sharp hook that is a cross between a traditional Aberdeen pattern and a wider gape big fish hook.

These mega sharp high quality hooks have a very unique pattern and can be used from shore or boat.

The Limitless Apex XT hooks are not mass produced by machine, they are skillfully hand formed in Japan using a high quality carbon steel blend with an anti corrosion black nickel finish.

The Apex XT have a very unique long tapering hook point that are extremely sharp and maintain their sharpness when fishing the roughest of grounds and long sessions of continuously hauling in and unhooking fish.

Available in sizes 1/0 – 5/0 supplied in handy boxes of 20.


<li>Apex XT hook</li>

<li>all round razor sharp hook</li>

<li>maintains sharpness</li>



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