Limitless AvenJa Ultra XT


Ultra XT fishing hook

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Limitless AvenJa ultra XTPossibly our most popular and favoured hook not only by team members/ambassadors but also by our great loyal customers.

Featuring a short shank, a wide gape and a cutting edge chemically sharpened hook point which maintains its sharpness and durability even after being dragged across the roughest terrain the UK has to offer.

Made from a high carbon forged Japanese steel, incorporating a perfect size hook barb to maintain a good hook hold combined with a relatively thick gauge of wire making these a favourite specimen hook.

We constantly receive a lot of feedback on these and some have gone as far as saying that these have replaced their usual go to rock fishing hook! Available in an array of sizes to fulfil most anglers needs, now supplied in boxes of 20 and packets of 10.


<li>Limitless AvenJa ultra XT</li>

<li>Wide gape for big baits</li>

<li>super sharp fishing hook</li>

<li>maintains its sharpness and very durable</li>




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