Limitless Catfish Pro Hook


Limitless catfish pro hook.

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Limitless catfish pro – Made with x4 Japanese forged wire for ultimate strength and confidence when battling some of the largest fish to swim in the UK ,  shore or boat.

The distinctive squared design combined with long super sharp penetrating offset point, a large barb that offers a great hook hold and a wide gape that eliminates the masking of the hook point, even with the biggest of baits!

A reliable hook for those specimen hunters, even under extreme pressure these hooks will not bend out nor snap and will retain their razor sharp point.

The smaller sizes are proving to be a big hit and a fantastic hook for the likes of Rays, Bass, Cod, Hounds and Huss whilst the bigger sizes favour Congers, Skate, Ling and Tope to name a few.


<li>catfish pro hook</li>

<li>japanese forged steel</li>

<li>ultimate strength</li>




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