Limitless Competition Surf rod 4.5m 3 piece


Limitless Competition Surf rod 4.5m 3 piece


Continental style fishing rod 4.5m in length in 3 equal sections.

Constructed with a blend of 30t and 40t carbon which enables the rod to be very slimline but packed with power at the same time.
A fine sensitive tip which will register the smallest of bites makes this perfect for the match angler or shore angler targeting the smaller species around the UK.

Don’t let the tip fool you though once you get further down the tip section and into the mid section the rod packs a punch and will handle the bigger targets no problem.

  1. competition surf rod
  2. Casting ratio 100g -220g
  3. 30/40t high modulus carbon
  4. Optimum casting weight 5oz plus bait
  5. Waterproof rod bag