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circle fishing hook fine

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Full circle hook fine -Made from a finer gauge wire than our offset and black nickel circle hooks featuring a straight eye, a straight inline razor sharp point and a nicely sized barb .

Circle hooks encourage lip hooking making them great for catch and release, circles can be used as a main hook or as a Pennel hook.

Remember when using circle hooks there is no need to strike and are well suited to fish that like to run such as Hounds, Bass, Rays, Huss, Tope and are a great choice of hook for anglers targeting Cod.

The full circles are best used with fish baits live or dead, these hooks are also effective with crab baiting’s and used with the new popular dongle style rigs.

Available in an array of sizes and come in packets of 10 or boxes of 20.


<li>full circle hook fine</li>

<li> inline razor sharp point</li>

<li>main hook or Pennel hook</li>

<li>packets of 10 or 20</li>


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