Limitless NDURA Monofilament


Ndura monofilament fishing line

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Limitless NDURA Monofilament fishing line – Available in an array of colour choices and breaking strains/diameter the NDURA mono comes on 1000m spools even in the heavier breaking strains/thicker diameter which is unique with monofilament lines.

Trialed, tested and developed in the UK this high end line is made in Japan with the latest technology, designed purely for sea fishing this mono can be used as a mainline, a leader whilst lure fishing and can even be used as a hook length.

NDURA mono is super strong, abrasion resistant and isn’t as stretchy as your usual monofilament lines – Available from 13lbs (0.309mm) to 25lbs (0.437mm).

key features

  • Super supple
  • Extremely strong
  • 1000m in ALL sizes
  • Exceptional reliability
  • Superb knot strength
  • Fantastic performance
  • Consistent diameter
  • Silky smooth
  • Long distance casting abilities

Additional information


pink 13lb 0.309, pink 15lb 0.331, pink 18lb 0.37mm, pink 20lb 0.4mm, pink 25lb 0.467mm, yellow 13lb 0.309, yellow 15lb 0.331, yellow 18lb 0.37mm, yellow 20lb 0.4mm, yellow 25lb 0.467mm, clear 13lb 0.309, clear 15lb 0.331, clear 18lb 0.37mm, clear 20lb 0.4mm, clear 25lb 0.467mm, camo 13lb 0.309, camo 15lb 0.331, camo 18lb 0.37mm, camo 20lb 0.4mm, camo 25lb 0.467mm