Limitless x8 UltraPower Braid


8 strand fishing braid

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Limitless x8 strand Braid offers a super smooth feel without affecting its breaking strength, durability or diameter. x8 ULTRAPOWER is tightly woven with 8 carriers of PE fibre to create a tight rounded braid. Limp and silky smooth to eliminate friction whilst casting for added distance with minimal noise when retrieving. 300m per spool, 100% PE



  • Designed in the UK & developed in Japan
  • Made up of 8 carriers of PE fibre
  • Designed for long distance casting
  • Silky smooth
  • Extremely durable and abrasive
  • Knots effortlessly
  • Super strong
  • Made from 100% PE
  • Value for money</li>


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20lb RED, 20lb GREEN, 20lb YELLOW, 20lb BLUE, 20lb GREEN, 30lb RED, 30lb GREEN, 30lb YELLOW, 30lb BLUE, 40lb RED, 40lb YELLOW, 40lb BLUE, 40lb GREEN, 50lb RED, 50lb YELLOW, 50lb BLUE, 50lb GREEN, 60lb RED, 60lb YELLOW, 60lb BLUE, 60lb GREEN, 70lb RED, 70lb YELLOW, 70lb BLUE, 70lb GREEN