Limitless x8 Braided Leader


8 strand braided leader

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Limitless x8 Braided leader offers a smooth yet very durable feel, designed to take the power of casting when using beach casters and braided mainline, super abrasive to protect your mainline when pulling over rocky ledges, rugged terrain and such.

Limitless x8 Braided Leader is tightly woven with 8 carriers of PE fibre to create a tight rounded braid, not only can this be used as a leader but also for inshore boat fishing. 100m spools available in 70lb, 80lb, 90lb.

  • ┬áDesigned in the UK & developed in Japan
  • Made up of 8 carriers of PE fibre
  • Designed for power casting
  • Extremely durable and abrasive
  • Knots effortlessly
  • Super strong
  • Made from 100% PE
  • Value for money

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70lb, 80lb, 90lb