Limitless Octopus Beak


Octopus beak fishing hook

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Limitless octopus beak-Made from a Japanese forged carbon steel a corrosion resistant black nickel finish offering added strength and ultimate reliability, even when battling the biggest of fish these hooks will not bend out even under extreme pressure.
Featuring a razor sharp slightly offset hook point for a better hook up ratio, a large barb for a better hook hold, turned back eye making these perfect for use as a pennel hook and also for great for snelling, a corrosion resistant hard wearing finish. Suitable for most baiting’s and styles of sea angling.
A size for most anglers and come supplied in boxes of X20 hooks.


<li>Octopus beak fishing hook</li>

<li>Japanese forged carbon steel</li>

<li>razor sharp offset hook point</li>

<li>20 hooks per box</li>



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