Limitless Offset Meat Hook


Limitless Offset meat hook

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Offset Meat Hook- for Sea fishing, made from a high carbon Japanese forged x4 steel.

Designed for targeting large specimen fish, unique offset design for a better bite to hook up ratio, cutting edge hook point with a large barb for a better hook hold.

High carbon steel with a robust hard wearing black nickel finish.

These hooks will not bend out or let you down even under immense pressure.

A size for most anglers tackle boxes 1/0 – 6/0 and come in handy boxes! suitable for most baits, the bigger size hooks are perfect for big fish baits & crab/cart baits.

Can be used as a pennel hook but are certainly more at home as a main hook and if you’re into using a pennel hook we have a wide selection to match these hooks.


<li>Offset meat hook</li>

<li>high carbon japanese steel</li>


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