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Top quality sea fishing rods designed in the UK and manufactured in China fully built by our in house rod builders using the highest components (Fuji and American Tackle) we also offer blanks for customers wanting to build their own rods or give them to their chosen rod builders.

• Match Lite, coming in at 13ft made from a blend of high modules carbon fibres with a casting ratio 4-6 ounces plus bait. A super slimline clean to mixed ground rod with enough back bone to handle larger fish if needed, tapered design that offers a rewarding feel when under compression, compatible with fixed spool and multiplier.

• Universal Match made from various high modules carbons and 13’9ft in length “the true all rounder in our rod range” a fishing rod that is rated 4-7 ounces plus bait and will fish anywhere from clean surf, sandy beaches to mixed/rough terrain. Lightweight and slimline, with a c curved like action most anglers using these rods favour them with braid especially when fishing mixed/rough ground however they are compatible with both fixed spool & multiplier.

• The usable power house, specifically designed and aimed at anglers who fish mixed to rough ground and target specimen fish the 14ft long Pro Sport is super light in weight and is more than capable of casting 4-8oz plus bait, these rods are stiff and powerful. Due to carbon and the way the carbon fibres are blended these rods are still user friendly, the new 1k matt carbon finish ran from butt to tip has anti scratch properties and are extremely hard to scratch!

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