Limitless Uptide Hook X25


Uptide fishing hook

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UPTIDE HOOK – A Golden/Bronze hook that is similar to other up-tide hooks on the market used mainly for up-tiding (hence the name) over the years they have become popular for the use of shore fishing.

Manufactured in Japan made from carbon steel featuring x1 wire allowing these hooks to bend out when snagged to the bottom, our Up-tide hooks are unique to most readily available hooks on the market due to the mediocre gape and shank.

The smaller sizes (1/0 & 2/0) are perfect for the use with worm baits and tipping off with fish strips and strips of squid our 3/0 is currently the biggest size and sits between a standard 3/0 and 4/0 perfect for various styles of angling and a variety of baits,Supplied in boxes of 25.


<li>limitless uptide hook</li>

<li><Japanese carbon steel</li>

<li>supplied in boxes of 25</li>



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1/0, 2/0, 3/0